Random Ramblings

A random rambling provides a bit of freedom to step a little off the path.

Not everything needs to be serious. Nor does it need to keep “on topic.” I am a creative by nature and have never been able to stay nice and neat in a box. To that end, I have found innovative solutions to many challenges.

Poking through again

Approx. 2 minute read I have been errant in coming to visit my website and put strokes representing text. It has been a busy couple of months to be honest. Two months ago, I …

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mad hatter

Have you lost your damn mind?

Approx. 1 minute read I’m known for clean manicured designs, so why is my new website gone crazy?

Clean code

This crazy little thing called life

Approx. 2 minute read This week I got my fingers into some code and it was great. “Wait! Don’t you code, like, all the time?” You see this week is different. This week I …

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dark laptop

Changes underway

Approx. 2 minute read This website is undergoing some big updates. As I have been learning and moving on with my personal growth, I am wanting to do more special projects. As I have …

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process start

You Need to Know to Grow

Approx. 4 minute read Using the key aspects from agile, I can build a strategy to grow with three key tenets – Ideate, Iterate, Innovate. It is that first step that starts to build momentum

Laptop white

Don’t you make websites?

Approx. 3 minute read Darren found Odden Creative, mediaMystique, L7 Web Design, and has 25+ years in development from hardware to the internet. Now he is helping others.