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Have you lost your damn mind?

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I always have spent extreme care with my typeface selection. I love clean elegant designs and really enjoy clean minimalism.

So what the hell is going on with these headers?

I love having fun and being a little unpredictable. I don’t have to impress new customers to come play with me with clean business look any more.

I am slowly stripping away a number of my business “sensibilities” and just focusing on having more fun with my website.

What are you doing?

I am going to be sharing more straight code lessons, investigations, and what I am learning. Along the same vein, I will probably start sharing more Adobe XD work.

I am glad to be able to focus more. I have a lot of background in a number of languages. I’m comfortable diving into just about anything someone tosses at me. Going deeper into JavaScript is going to be fantastic! I’m already migrating code from ES5 to ES6 in AngularJS. Yes, Angular 1.x.

Right now is a lot of fun stepping forward and with purpose.

What is next?

I am starting to consider what direction I’m heading first. Right now I am focusing on my new job and enjoying that at this time.

It probably will depend on the direction we go at work, but I think there is some great vanilla JavaScript options I can run also. Heck perhaps some ES6 AngularJS and Angular 2 comparison projects.

Stick around to see what I do next.

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