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I Am Going to Win at Health

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I am making my health my priority this year!

I was pretty active and could be found in the gym.

I have struggled with weight for a couple of decades. Really, I have struggled with it since High School, but I was much more fit and active back before a car accident changed how active I was in 1994.

I was first declared obese in 1998, and I entered into a liquid restricted diet monitored by my doctor. That ended up failing. I tried again and again.

In 2017, after going through Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Healthy Way, I walked into a Gastric Bypass class and started planning for surgery.

I learned that the surgery is a tool and that the food restriction was the main element. I decided to just do the food restriction of a Gastric Bypass food intake. There were days it was hard to get over 1200 calories because I was just not hungry.

I lost 70+ pounds and I was proud.

Something snapped in 2018 and I started gaining weight again and slowly increasing my intake. I caught it finally in July of 2019.

I felt miserable. I slowly adjusted my diet, but I refused to weigh myself. I think I was just to embarrassed to see where I let myself get to. I’d venture to guess that I got back over 410 pounds from a low of 330.

I saw my doctor in November, and the nurse mentioned how happy they were to see my weight was down since my Spring doctor visit. She brought up going through the bypass process again, and I wasn’t certain at first. I decided I should do it.

I have a plan

I have now been to see Dr. Legha for an office visit and been through my first of two orientations. I have a referral to see a nutritionist, psychologist, and have a sleep study.

Upon completion of these steps, I will be back in to see Dr. Legha to plan the next steps of choosing what operation he suggests.

This is not a course for everyone, and I would rather not have the operation but I do realize that this is likely the best choice for me to succeed long term in managing my weight.

I am excited to see that I can turn my health issues around and would say that I am already on a good track to win. I am down to 390lbs (176.9kg).

Part of the weight loss is to make sure I get enough calories, but I don’t think I want to be calorie counter like I was in the past. It burns me out to be that hyper-focused on food, and I really don’t want to make food the center of my life.

Currently, I am starting my meals with protein and rounding out with fiber, like salad or fruits. My food intake is already drastically down so I can get my body ready for the future. I have bought 64oz stainless steel water bottles to make sure I stay hydrated. I got one for my wife and she is more excited about it than I realized she might be.

We only have one life and I want to make sure I am here for my family and myself. I am flipping the narrative! My current weight loss goal is to get to 230lbs.

I have decided to journal about my weight loss so I can track what I have done and refer back to when I seem to be struggling.

2020 – Health is Wealth!

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