Poking through again

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Approx. 2 minute read

I have been errant in coming to visit my website and put strokes representing text. It has been a busy couple of months, to be honest.

Two months ago, I started a new job that has kept me busy. For me, everything old is new again. The company I am working for it using AngularJS and supporting IE11. I am learning aspects of AngularJS with ES6 I hadn’t look at prior.

JavaScript Frameworks

To this point, I have stepped back from my Typescript, Vue, and Angular immersion. There are aspects of each I am missing, but it is refreshing to just focus on the aspects of a singular framework.

I have begun getting a little itchy, however. I am in no way unhappy with my job or looking for work. I just like to work on some better supported frameworks. AngularJS is losing its support community to React, Angular, and Vue. UI Bootstrap support is going away. And all of this rightfully so.

The team I am working with are invested deeply in creating new useful features, but the technical investment needs to change incrementally. There is a large amount of functionality we need to consider. Also, I need to come through and update more frequently.


I have ideas I want to work through and am building out my VSCode Windows development tools a bit. Apple’s lack of vision and commitment to quality is very telling lately. I am rather conservative in changing platforms, especially with how much I have invested time and expense into the Apple ecosystem.

I have been slowly prepping by using cross os tools. I don’t use Sketch and have moved to XD. Figma is intriguing. I use VS Code and IntelliJ. Tower has a Mac and Windows platform which is great. Windows is bringing Linux consoles to the systems.

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