Reaction: You’ve been missed… or have you?

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Approx. 2 minute read

I have been working at my new job for a while now and getting well versed in AngularJS, Kotlin, Java and their interaction with each other.

I asked what they are expecting to replace AngularJS and it looks like we will be moving towards React. It makes sense the reason to pick React over Vue or Angular since it is supported by one of the largest platforms and is well adopted by the community at large.

I could easily see the benefits of going to Vue or Angular for their own purposes. The good thing is that no matter the choice, it will be a big learning curve for everyone involved.

So I have started looking at React, specifically `create-react-app`.

Of course, because I started looking at React and create-react-app, I stopped looking at my own website. I am so shiny object, always looking at what is new.

So where does this leave me at the moment?

I am going to continue to look at React and start building some small projects so I can get a leg up on the new work that is forthcoming. The bonus is I will write about it so I can have notes to refer to. If anyone is reading this blog and finds interest, then I guess others will see what is going on.

In addition to all of the React goodies, I am supporting customers more with the company and will be testing new ideas and fixes so I will be documenting those also.

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