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Sleep Study – the Results

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In my journey to make the case for Gastric Bypass, I checked another box – I have sleep apnea.

This is a follow on from A Sleep Study. When is the test?

I met with my doctor to go over the results of my night of sleep study.

The Polysomnography (w/ CPAP) results were quite illuminating to me.

I found that I have insomnia, though I don’t typically have a hard time getting to sleep, just staying asleep.

Without the CPAP my mind was found wandering 27% of the time.

I only spent 8% of my non CPAP time in Stage 3 sleep and 0% in REM

I had 141 Shallow breathes and 30 stops (Hypopnea/Apnea)

I woke or was waking 137 times during this period.

With these results, they realized they needed to try me with the CPAP machine.

With the CPAP machine I only woke up 21 times

I spent 29% of my time in REM compared to 0% prior.

I also spent more time in Stage 2 and Stage 3 sleep

My Apnea/Hypopnea index went from 73.4 to 6.7

The Respiratory Disturbance Index went from 74.6 to 8.2

I showed no Apnea and only experienced Hypopnea 15 times.

The prognosis was very clear in that I have sleep Apnea/Hypopnea.

I had been told by Pulmonologist in 2007 that I should have a sleep study and that I likely have sleep apnea. He was right and I should have taken him up on that study then.

I think that my biggest issue with the thought of getting a sleep study was that if I had to do it I would have to wear a mask for sleeping. I had a really bad experience with waking up to wearing a full face mask on 100% oxygen. I felt like I was drowning/suffocating while wearing the mask.

I went in to check the box and get the test. I don’t really snore so much (more so on my back). My wife and others haven’t really complained about me snoring. Turns out that snoring isn’t the only sign of Apnea/Hypopnea.

For anyone that is reading this, if a doctor suggests that you get a sleep study, you probably should take them up on it. There are a lot of issues that can arise from the condition.

I’m looking forward to getting my CPAP so I can sleep better. I have not slept so well that my body is actually jonesing for another great sleep experience.

This is a follow on from A Sleep Study. When is the test?

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