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This week I got my fingers into some code and it was great.

“Wait! Don’t you code, like, all the time?”

You see this week is different. This week I started a new job, and got to put my eyes into a code base that I will be working on steadily. Also, I don’t code “all the time”. I also do design and spend a lot of time with my family.

Some of the code is older. Some of it is based on more modern structs. Some of it is front-end. Some of it is back-end.

Client work? Not likely! No more agency life and the unpredictability that entails. “Stability” is a new mantra.

I do have one company I have been keeping steady. Good guy and I like to keep them happy. Plus the product is killer.

No worries, I am still plenty spontaneous, just going to be able to pay the bills regularly.

Is this why your website changed?

If anything, you likely are use to the site changing. This last year it has changed quite a bit since I wasn’t running my own business for the most part.

Now I have set this up to be a place to put my ramblings, code, design, and nonsense. I am considering putting some code-ventures down and possibly write some applications that I have wanted to work on.

I will put my typeface back on the site and leave it alone. I seem to remember after I move that I still have a typeface to host until someone reaches out looking for it.

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